Denver witnessed an electrifying night as The Veronicas, Australia’s pop-rock icons, graced us with a legendary performance at Summit. Their commanding presence on stage and their vibrant energy set the tone for a night that we all wished could last 4ever.

Show Details

🎤 Headliner: The Veronicas
🎸 Opening Acts: Jesse Jo Stark
📅 Date: 4/10/2024
📍 Location: Denver, CO
🔊 Venue: Summit
📢 Promoter: Live Nation
📸 Photographer: Tay Hansen

The Veronicas — A Nostalgic Yet Fresh Experience

From their opening number, “Take Me on the Floor,” to the encore, Jessica and Lisa Origliasso, the dynamic duo behind The Veronicas, mesmerized the crowd. It was a seamless journey through time, blending their classic hits with the fresh vibes of their latest album, Gothic Summer. The way they fuse dance-pop, rock, and pop-punk creates a unique soundscape that resonates with audiences of all ages.

A special moment in the show was their acoustic rendition of “Ribcage.” This stripped-back arrangement highlighted their depth and versatility – from high-energy beats to soulful melodies, they truly have it all.

Initially slated for the smaller stage (Moon Room), the show was moved to Summit’s main stage due to demand – a testament to the duo’s enduring popularity. The vibe was electric, with fans showing deep affection for the band, and The Veronicas reciprocated with immense love.

Their VIP meet and greet before the show was a highlight, with them even signing a marriage license as witnesses for a lucky couple – how cool is that?!

As for pictures, oh, we have plenty! 

Jesse Jo Stark – The Enigmatic Opener

Before The Veronicas took the stage, Jesse Jo Stark captivated us with her bluesy, rock-infused set. Her performance was intense and mesmerizing, perfectly setting the stage for the night. She performed her new release, “Skeleton,” and an unreleased track, “Billy,” which she playfully noted we wouldn’t find anywhere. Her sultry rendition of Johnny Cash’s “Ring of Fire” and her playful interaction with the audience, leading us to ‘meow’ along, was spellbinding.

Until the next time, stay tuned to Soundboard for more on the Denver music scene. 💖🎤🌈🤘

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